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2018 05 rosanna stationA heavy job to deliver safer, smoother rail and road traffic

Sixty tonnes of structural steel, produced and delivered in a highly choreographed logistical exercise, has seen Able Industries contribute to safer, smoother traffic flows at Victoria’s Rosanna Station.

“Traffic flows in and around Rosanna Station, particularly the level rail crossings, have become a nightmare for the area,” said Able Industries’ Managaing Director, Stephen Martyn.

“As part of removing 50 levels crossings to enable traffic to flow more safely and smoothly, Able Industries has demonstrated its capability for large-scale heavy engineering, producing structural steel platform frames for the Lower Plenty Road rail station.

“This was a big piece of work that required absolute precision in both manufacturing and timing.

“As one of four suppliers, Able constructed four 14-metre-long welded steel platform frames, each weighing 15 tonnes and requiring two 10 tonne gantry cranes to move them inside our engineering factory.”

Stephen Martyn said Able committed a team of 10 full-time welders in the construction of the framing.

“We were doing 400 hours of full-strength butt welding per week on this project, with all welds reviewed both visually and with ultrasonic testing to assure integrity.

“Once each frame was completed they were craned onto a heavy truck and, under pilot vehicle, delivered to site. The timing of completion and the delivery of the frames had to be very carefully planned at every stage to minimise traffic disruption.

“We’re really pleased to have been able to contribute to this really important project. The new station is now open and is resulting in smoother, safer traffic flows.

“The project again shows Able’s flexibility and breadth of capability. From finely fabricated public art installations to literally constructing part of a railway station, we take huge pride in seeing our work installed and in use by the public.”